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ninasutcliff asked:

((To the shower thing)) Nina had gone home after a long day at the dispatch. Getting inside and hearing the shower going she called out. With no answer she opened the door and upon seeing who was there turned around and headed back out. "Oh I'm sorry Eran!! I didn't know you were here."


My Muse Forgot To Lock The Door And Yours Walks In On Mine In The Shower. How Does Yours React?

Eran quickly tried to cover himself, “Heh Well it is my place so..” Turning the water off he wasted no time wrapping himself in a towel. “Sorry, I didn’t think anybody show up so sudden.”


Nina stood behind the door even though it was still cracked open. “No, no… It’s my fault…I let myself in without permission…” She said looking towards the crack in the door with a bit of a nervous tone. “I…I was hoping to surprise you a bit differently.” She said and began nibbling on her lower lip.

Personafied Death and a Black Tiger


Nina nodded to his first two questions. “Most of the time we are only seen if we want to be seen. And it is even more rare for us to be seen collecting a soul. But we do have to blend in with humans to it helps to look like and dress like them.” She told him “Although in this…

Looking back at him she nodded. “We do live quite a long time. And sadly there is no cure.” Nina shrugged. “It’s really nothing that should be fretted over.” Mentally Nina shook the thoughts from her mind. “Can I ask you a question? What is your name? And um…” She paused trying to think of how to word her next question. “If your not human what exactly are you?”

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