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ninasutcliff asked:

"Who did this to you?"






Alan stood in front of Nina, clothes a mess, his face a disaster.
"Some thugs at the bar. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. How bad is it?"

Nina nodded finishing up with getting him cleaned up. “I have no doubt in that. I will be right back, I need to get out the first aid kit.” She told the brunette as she got up to leave the room.

Nodding as she stood he slowly stretched his arms and his back. Wincing he didn’t get very far. He would feel this in the morning he was sure of.

Leaving him behind in the bathroom Nina had gone into her bedroom to retrieve the first aid kit. Finding it rather quickly Nina came back into the bathroom and set the kit on the counter top. “Alright, this may sting but it will help to close the cuts faster.” She told him pulling out things she needed to take care of the cuts on his face before bothering to worry about the issue with his shoulder. Kneeling back down in front of him she reached up and carefully removed his glasses. “You’re very lucky your glasses didn’t shatter.” She told him honestly setting the frames down just beside her. “Hold still okay.”

"Thankfully yes. I would hate to explain how they broke to the department." Closing his eyes he waited patiently for her to do her thing.

"Pops would have a field day with that." She admitted trying to keep from giggling. Starting with the ointment Nina placed it on the cuts that she had seen on his face. Luckily they were not deep and the blood had clotted quickly to prevent bleeding. Once done with the ointment Nina grabbed the bandages of various sizes and started placing them over the cuts. Thankfully all were small as well so she didn’t have to use any of the larger bandages. "I think we are done. As for your shoulder, we should wrap it and then put some ice on it to keep it from swelling. We can move downstairs for that if you would like."

Injury II [Starter Sentences]

  • "Breathe."

  • "Can you hear me?"

  • "Do you remember what happened?"

  • "Does that hurt?"

  • "Focus on my voice."

  • "Hold on to me."

  • "I'll carry you."

  • "I'm not letting you walk, I'm going to carry you."

  • "It's going to be fine."

  • "It's healing quickly, just hold still."

  • "Just focus on me."

  • "Listen to me, you are going to be fine."

  • "Put your arm around me, I'll help you walk."

  • "Relax."

  • "Stay awake."

  • "You hit your head and you've been out for two days."

  • "You're going to okay."

  • "Your head hurts?"

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