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Tied by Blood

by Little-Red-Shinigami

Tied by Blood

Chapter One

The time of year was late summer to early fall, all of the trees had begun to turn in New England, and as the sun had begun to set I watched from my bedroom window as the colors became more vibrant due to the angel of setting light. My mother knocked once at my door dragging my attention from the window to her as she walked in. My mother was beautiful to say the least, she had amber colored hair a hint on the redder side, her skin was pale and she always wore a smile even if things were tough. She was wearing an old ratted T-shirt that had the word “Normal” across the front and upside down with a pair

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When Nina did look up at him to see his smile she couldn’t help but return it with a small smile of her own and nodded. “Everyone is probably looking for us by now.” She smiled a little bit more as she stood. “But first promise me that even if what has brought you sorrow leaves everyone from you, you will remember I will still be there.” She looked at him with caring but sadness in her eyes.

Joker moved his violet eyes to glance towards the exit; “…More than likely… I was meant to give a private juggling lesson this morning…” He sighed, taking a step towards the outside before glancing back; “We’ll just see, ‘eh?”

Nina looked at him and nodded once more. It was the only answer she could really have hoped for from the ginger. Looking down she nibbled on her bottom lip. “Also Joker… If you ever need a shoulder to lean on don’t hesitate to come find me.” She finished in a whisper before heading towards the exit as well. Stopping when she reached his side Nina turned towards him, placed a hand upon his shoulder and in one motion stood on her tip toes having been a bit shorter than he. With a deepening blush she had gently presses a small kiss against his cheek.
With bright red cheeks she turned from him and darted past him towards the exit. “I..I’m sorry.” She said in a hurry glancing he shoulder once before pushing the tent flaps back so she could safely exit his tent.

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