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Send “What’s this?” And I will generate a number to see what item your muse has found in mine’s belongings.


Mix of nsfw, angst, and fluff. Numbers 1-15

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  1. Sex toy
  2. Teddy bear
  3. My muse’s old baby blankie
  4. Old photographs showing my muse was abused when younger.
  5. Playboy pictures
  6. My muses’ old family portrait.
  7. A love letter my muse meant to send yours, but never did
  8. A condom
  9. A weapon
  10. Lubricant
  11. Paddle
  12. Stolen gems
  13. Chains and whips
  14. Flowers with your muses name on the tag
  15. Handcuffs

The Reaper and the Doctor (Closed rp for 1amtherealtenthdoctor)







Nina gave him a small nod to his question. She had been found out and by her own doing. “Spaceship?” She repeated questioningly having never heard the word before. But seeing the grand inside of the small blue box she wasn’t inclined to disbelieve him in the slightest. “Well then Mr. Time lord, what brings you to the lovely 1800’s?”

His shoulders moved up and down. “Food, the queen, or perhaps the view. I really don’t know.” Truth was that the TARDIS had taken him there, but he didn’t bother to leave. “So a reaper… What exactly do you do? Actually reap souls?” He’d never met a reaper before, and now that there was one standing before him peaked his scientific curiosity. The Time Lords never got to see a reaper up close, or study their tactics because they never had revealed themselves to their kind. Maybe- just maybe- he could get lucky.

She raised a brow at him. “Well I suppose you could call it that. Or at least humans would.” She admitted. “It’s more like collecting the souls of the dead. Mainly to keep demons from getting them first.” She told him shrugging herself. It wasn’t like there was really anything see for a collection she thought.

The man shrugged. “I suppose that makes sense. Demons with souls are a bad thing, right?” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Mind if I… Uh- Observe? A man of science needs something to study.” He added a wink for good measure.

She watched him hesitantly and then nodded slowly. “Alright, but you have to promise me one thing. No distractions or looking for dissections.” Nina told him pointing her finger at him. “The last thing I need is for a soul to lash out and come after me or someone else.” Looking to the pocketwatch pulled from inside her cloak she seemed to smile. “Your in luck, seems there is one coming up soon, and it’s not too far. A simple heart attack, the simplest of all causes of death and the most favored by the higher ups.” She admitted extending her hand to him so she could lead him.

The Doctor raised his hands. “No worries, nothing like that. I’ll be a good boy, promise.” He winked and chuckled. He took her hand and let her lead the way, happily locking the TARDIS and looking at the city around them.

"Says here that this person is going to have a heart attack due to the temperature drop." She looked back at him as she headed down an ally. "Winter has been hard on the humans this year and has left us working overtime to collect the souls before the demons can eat them." Nina said looking back to where she was going. "Ah up there." She pointed and looked back at him. "Stay out of sight. It is safer for a reaper to remain undetected until the very moment of death." She told him as she let go of his hand and headed deeper into the ally.

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